Family Train Center
Engineer Ron is our model train repair person.  He is on site 2 days a week unless he just happens to be in the store on his own time.  He works on most scales of locomotives and cars.  His office and set up is very professional and has a wide variety of specialty tools and equipment which enable him to get the job done quickly, most of the time.  If parts are needed, he will order the part, fix it then call you when it's completed.  Charges are dependant on what needs to be repaired.  If you are not local to us, ship your item to us and we can return ship it when the work is completed.  If you would like to communicate with Ron about your repair, please feel free to stop in and visit with Engineer Ron in person.  

One thing we havent' mentioned too much about on our website is our test track.  Lots of folks bring in their set that has been in the basement or under the bed, or maybe they inherited a set.  Chances are, if it's been there for a number of years, it won't run.  Having the test track gives us a way of identifying what's wrong with it so it can be fixed.  If you buy a preowned locomotive from us, we will put it on the test track to make sure it's running when you leave.   

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