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Alco FA-2, DC MoPac locomotive #347, $190.00
Alco FA-2, DCC MoPac with sound, #347, $278.00

Bachmann DCC Union Pacific locomotive/tender #807, $289.00
InterMtn. Railway, Norfolk Sothrn ES40 DC locomotive#7524, $160.00

Bachmann Plus Freedon Train, limited edition, #4449, $150.00

TGV Bullet train #42, $80.00
Woodland Scenics complete N scale layout, includes scenery.  $354.00 
Train set not included.  Building set sold separately.

Lionel Great Western Train Set, #16-30034, complete, but missing a
few logs, $140.00.

Bachmann ON30 Disney car w/track, $65.00
We carry a large selection of Woodland Senics items.  Call for a 
price on a particular item you are interested in.

We have a large selection of Woodland Scenics N and HO scale
accessories.  Please call and ask about a particular item or items.

12 oz. mugs.  Frisco, Burlington Northern, and Big Boy.  Many other
styles are available in the store now.  $10.00 each.

14" x 12" grass mats.  $.40 each.

Atlas Code 100 3' flex track, nickel silver, $5.50/each.

This tunnel is in great condition.  See our selection of Marx assorted
locomotives, cars and accessories.  Please inquire for prices.  

"N" scale Thunder Valley Set, including EZ track system, $95.00        FREE 2017 Woodland Scenics catalog.  Expired, but 
                                                                                                  still some great info.  First come, first serve until
                                                                                                  they are gone.

"N" scale assorted cars, $8-$10 each.                                             We have our "top shelf only" cars that are half price
                                                                                                  until they are gone.  Good selection.

Model Power Dutch Masters "N" scale collectors train set, $95.

"N" scale assorted locomotives, $20-$60 each.

"N" scale assorted track, $1.50-$24.00.

Assorted Testor's paint, $1.80-$3.40, sets $12.00.

Assorted contruction equipment, trucks, and collector's cars.  
Inquire for prices.  

Assorted "HO" scale cars and cabooses, $5-$10 each, (unboxed).

Assorted "HO" scale locomotives, $20.00-$60.009unboxed).

Assorted "HO" scale cars and locomotives, $8.00-$115.00, boxed.
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