Family Train Center
Custom Products
On this page, we are proud to show some of the custom made items that are for sale in our store.  They are all hand made by local artists that are also model railroad enthusiasts.  Most of them will take special orders, depending on what you want made.  The time frame depends on their schedule.  Most can be shipped, however, the Lionel train board and the "N" scale layout can not be shipped and must be picked up at our store.  If you purchase an item that we ship to you, you will pay for the shipping costs.  See a brief description of each item and cost of each item below.  If you need more information on a particular item, or if you have an something in mind that you would like made for your layout, please contact us.  Our contact information is on the "CONTACT" page on this website.  Thank you for looking!
 Lionel train board with Lionel fast track, 121"w x  74"L, $200(sale pending)/SOLD
 N scale layout, including train set, 6'w x 5'L, $500(sale pending)
 Hand painted cedar plank signs,  $20 each
 H O scale orange tug boat, $70
 H O scale red tug boat, $40
 H O scale grain mill, $50
 HO scale service station, $20
 H O scale train depot, $10
 Oak Display shelf for H O scale, 3'w x 2'h x 2"d, shelves have a lip, $48
 Log Cabin/H O scale/$20
 Airplane Hangar with moving door/H O scale/$45.00
Victorian 2 Story House/H O scale/$120.00

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